Helene will meet with you to explore the options for your own luxury kitchen. It is an every day affair to collaborate with the other professionals involved such as an architect, interior designer, and contractor, when applicable.


After gathering the list of priorities and on-site or plan dimensions, it is time to go to work creating one unique kitchen. Space planning by a seasoned and knowledgeable Kitchen Specialist is the difference in capitalizing on all the lost inches in other designs. Work and traffic flow is key to enjoying the kitchen once completed.​

Documentation and Drawings

A picture is worth a thousand words. Helene's goal is for you to totally understand your new kitchen, while we can still simply "cut and paste" in lieu of tear out and rework on site. Helene guides you to "moving in on paper" as we add layers of details onto the initial floor plan. Yes, we also actually read the appliance manuals and specifications sheets, then turn this into easy to follow steps for the trades on site. This is how we are able to assist with the execution.

Site Supervision

As location allows, Helene will follow up with on site visit to ensure the kitchen plan is interpreted correctly by all involved.